03 to TEN

by Knathan Ryan

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03 to TEN is the follow up EP to Knathan's 2003 "Vincible". During this period of seven years- Knathan added a consonant, moved to the East Coast and back to Seattle; wrestled with addiction, death, faith, love and direction. This album reflects the process of this period- with themes of loneliness, doubt, conflict, and moments of hope.

03 to TEN is a step away from solely acoustic songs and folksy charm of Vincible: fuzzed out guitars, keys, drums, bass and even cello- the music is also a reflection of the larger overall themes.

Dynamics and range are explored from "brother k" (a narrative of Dostoevsky's great Brothers Karamazov) to the rockabilly feel of "Nowhere Home" and lean toward sincerity on "Love Sap".

Knathan has begun performing these songs with a rowdy bunch known as the Silent Ks, around the Pacific Northwest. Recording has begun with the Silent Ks and a few singles plan to be released later in 2011.


released November 16, 2010

Knathan: vox, guitars, keys, bass, drums, percussion,
Seamus H: drums on Nowhere Home, Love Sap and Faith in Ashes
Phil Peterson: cello on Brother K
Dan Wrenn: bass on SAPOS
Schultz: drums on Nowhere Home (reprise)
George Chau: bass on Nowhere Home (reprise)
Jason Gregory: album photos
Royal Bacon: graphic and artistic design
Recorded and mixed by Knathan at The Nomads
Mastered by Neil at Adrenaline Mixing & Mastering
All songs written by Knathan



all rights reserved


Knathan Ryan Seattle

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Track Name: like a deer in the headlights
every one act natural, everyone act casual, and everyone just pretend that it's in your good nature- to look like you just got caught, like a deer in the headlights, if it's gonna be now, it's gonna be tonight that I get you home- don't sit there just lettin' me waste your precious time.

slight of hand turns to a fist, underneath the table- it's gonna get a tighter grip on your better judgement. shaking hands with the senator of the new administration- if it's gonna be now, it's gonna be tonight that they get your vote...don't sit there just letting me waste your precious time.
Track Name: faith in ashes
don't walk away from this decision- you talk now in terms and conditions.
If there's something you want to say- then let it out...'cause I feel like there's something

You always run before talking- never stop to look around while you are walking
I'm just a chalk-line you're rubbing out...I'm starting to have my doubts...doubts

So life didn't turn out like you thought you might want it to
When you're dressed in Holy (holey) flesh you can start to see through
When all you want to do is drink your fill:
Just be careful not to spill
It's only the pain we're trying to kill
And everything else- is just a peripheral

Don't put your faith in ashes- or buildings that come down with loud crashes
you bat those lashes when you're lying to me- cause you know that I love you

Avalanche on the peak of your mind- you don't wear a watch cause you don't believe in time
Your love is an ocean that's just hard to find- am I drowning or swimming?
Track Name: brother k
brother Ivan is sick in the head- he's being paid visits by the devil again- who's immaculately dressed (though in yesterday's fashion), but he's providing stimulating conversation

brother won't you tell the secrets of hell to the angel at your feet

brother dmitri, what have you done- there's blood on your hands and shirt and you're on the run. the law is after you- they know what you did do- they're coming to avenge a father's cry

brother illegitimate- who's prone to falling down cellar doors and brain fits- with a twisted heart and a plotting mind- his fate is at the end of a rope and a note left behind.
Track Name: love sap
you are a whisper that is shouting in my ear
you are a far away look that begs me to come near
you are the taste of salt that rolls with every tear
you are a push, a shove- that pushes away the fear
you are a subtle smell that makes a clouded past become clear

you are a book that speaks in volumes every time
you are the words in the vocabulary that just don't rhyme
you are the speech that makes me feel I'm in my prime
you are an answered prayer when I shouted out for a sign
you are a lover's tongue that comforts my soul and weary mind

you are the home i've been looking forward to when I've been gone for awhile
you are the well-told joke on popsicle sticks, that still kinda make me smile
you are the judge who pardoned my guilty ass on trial
you are the finish line when I put in my last mile
you are the soothing voice on the other side of the phone when I dial

and i love you
Track Name: nowhere home
well you hold on so tight as if it was your own
and the days grow dark like the night i was born
and the answers that were blowing in the wind have all blown

well, it's hard to find a friend- when they have all gone

so you travel the highways and bi-ways you roam
and you look to the sky-ways, which you have flown
and the somewhere, we're all looking for is a nowhere home

well, it's hard to find a friend- when they have all gone

now the addictions and vices, to which I am prone
i have yet to struggle against- to the point that I groan
and the garden i was given, out of it i was thrown

well, it's hard to find a friend- when they have all gone

so you pray through the night, hope to make it to dawn
and the cross that you bare, well you bare it alone
would you do it all again, given all that you've known?

well, it's hard to find a friend- when they have all gone

now Jesus, he sits on his heavenly throne
and for my sins, his blood has atoned
and one day i'm gonna wear a robe that is yet to be sewn

but, it's hard to find a friend- when they have all gone
Track Name: TEN
but there is something i have learned-
there is something wrong with the world
i feel like shattered glass on the floor-
shards sharp enough to draw blood
too self-absorbed to know when to shut the fuck up
never willing to take the chance
always too eager to blame my circumstance
yeah, there is something wrong with the world
and it's me, yes it is me
it's me and all my complacency
it's me and my apathy
oh, Jesus- what a mess I have made
when I've played all the cards I had left to play
well, this bed that I'm lying in is the one that i have made
but I've heard sinners make the best saints
Jesus, savior, friend- won't you save me from myself?